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All those reasons you need to visit Prague

All those reasons you need to visit Prague

If you’ve never been to the capital city of the Czech Republic, we were thinking we’d refresh the list with all those reasons you need to visit Prague.

Steeped in history, unique and romantic, Prague is a perfect getaway, be it for a weekend or for an entire holiday. The city and its surroundings offer ample room for both cultural enrichment and entertainment.

Here are some of the coolest sights in Prague:

Number one on the list of notable spots to visit in the city in Prague Castle. Built as a walled fortress in the 10th century, it was the home of all Bohemian kings before becoming the official residence of the President of the Republic of Czechia. The building is impossible to miss and so are its luxuriant gardens. The Royal Garden was established in 1534 and is the place to listen to a singing garden and visit a Lion’s court.

Standing high and imposing, towering over the city, another symbol of the city is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Vitius. Its Neo-Gothic construction began in the 14th century and took over 525 years to end. The cathedral harbors the tombs of most Bohemian kings and the Crown Jewels (exhibited very seldom, once in around 8 years).

If you are traveling with the little ones, be sure to take them to the Zoo. This 1931 superb park is one of the top 10 world Zoos. It is the home of almost 5000 animals and offers a tropical-jungle-like atmosphere in one of its sections.

If you are looking for something more “out of the box”, you can visit the Mirror Maze, a giant hall full of mirrors surrounded by the light of LCD panels and high-tech lighting. And if you want to remember that this city used to be different once upon a time, you can visit the Communism Museum.

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