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When in Malta, rent a car

When in Malta, rent a car

This beautiful Mediterranean island-country is truly an earthly corner of heaven, with its white-washed bays and sandy beaches washed by clear waters. But there is so much more to explore here, so when in Malta, rent a car!

Today, Malta is one of the most popular exotic destinations in Europe. People come here, especially during the warm season, for the mild weather and for water sports. The beaches are excellent and the people quite welcoming. But Malta has more stories to tell.

Marked by the legendary Knights Templar, Malta has a very rich legacy and a beautiful range of historic attractions to show. That is why it is advisable to rent a car in Malta: there is much to see and to explore the island efficiently and without getting tired, you might enjoy the privilege of having a car at your service.

Valletta, the capital city of Malta, was built by the Knights of St. John in the 16th century. Caught up in the war between the Ottoman Turks and the Christians, the city earned a network of fortifications that protected it from invasion for over two centuries. Today, the fortifications are still standing and they make up a favorite walk on the island.

In Rabat, you can delve deep into the atmosphere of Ancient Rome, visiting the Museum of Roman Antiquities.

In Mdina, a romantic lamp-lit stroll around town is also indicated – and a cup of hot chocolate to go with it. Mdina truly deserves the title of “living museum”, with its ancestral buildings and narrow winding roads resembling a labyrinth.

If you don’t have a car for the holidays, there is no room for despair: you can always book a Malta tour and you can have the advantage of a driver/ guide to point out all the interesting spots on the island.