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A lesson in Czech culture: Prague and its museums

A lesson in Czech culture: Prague and its museums

Dear friends, did you know that the Czech Republic used to be part of the Communist Block? That age didn’t leave the happiest mark, but luckily this nation had the opportunity to recover quite well from that era and try to forget its horrors – without ignoring them! Today we have prepared a lesson in Czech culture: Prague and its museums.

Prague is the amazing, fascinating and staggeringly beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic. It is a large and cosmopolitan center and welcomes thousands of international visitors every day.

If you happen to land there and want to get a Prague airport transfer, you will know what we mean when we advise you to book in advance during high season: it is as beautifully busy and crowded as can be, particularly in summer.

Today we take a short virtual tour, so here are some of the most prominent museums in town:

  1. The National Museum of Prague is probably the town’s biggest and most important museum. You simply have no reason or justification to miss it. It harbors some of the most important pieces of art in the country and in this part of Europe (14 million items!) and was founded as early as the year 1818!
  2. The Museum of Communism tries to depict as accurately as possible the post World War II era, when the communist regime took over central and eastern Europe, including Czechoslovakia. Like we said, the Czechs have definitely recovered from those hard times – as is apparent from the atmosphere, the culture, the life of the city – but that does not mean they are ashamed or afraid to talk about that past.
  3. Are you into beautiful sculptures? Then you must visit the Lapidarium to admire the most wonderful such pieces of art in the country.

No matter what you do, don’t forget a trip to the museum should make your list of things to do in Prague.



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