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5 Reasons to visit Bucharest

5 Reasons to visit Bucharest

Romania might be the ultimate country of contrasts: great beauty coupled with a rich history versus corruption controversies and social distrust in politics, artists and geniuses versus the clichees of the Eastern part of Europe all cluster in Romania. But don’t underestimate this beautifully paradoxical place. Also, here are 5 Reasons to visit Bucharest.

  1. Bucharest used to be called “the little Paris” in its glory days of the interbellum. Ever since the 19th century, the capital city of what is now Romania was a great cultural center of Central Europe. Although intensely bombed during the Second World War, there are still some of the old buildings to be admired here.
  1. Lipscani, the most famous street of the old town center, is now interesting from an architectural point of view. People come to this place to enjoy a warm coffee in one of the many restaurants lined up here or to stroll along the winding cobblestone streets.
  1. Bucharest, like Paris, has a Triumphal Arch commemorating the Romanian victory in the First World War.
  1. Herastrau Park is extensive and provides the best place to take a stroll with your family and friends. You can also opt for a boat trip and have a nice outdoor meal here.
  1. Bucharest is one of the cheapest European capitals. For around 40 EUR, you can find lodgings for two in an excellent hotel, the daily cost of food is under 10 EUR and you can opt for an Otopeni Bucharest airport transfer to take you comfortably to whatever place in the city or even in the country. Plus there are many museums (the Antipa Museum of Natural History, the History Museum, the Village Museum and the Peasant’s Museum, Mogosoaia Palace just outside town, etc.) and the entry ticket is around 3-5 EUR.

And even with all of its contrasts and with dim chances of a vampire sighting (“Myth!”, all Romanians will say rolling their eyes), Bucharest still deserves a place on your travel list!