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What’s up in Prague in June 2016?

What’s up in Prague in June 2016?

The capital city of the Czech Republic quickly turned from an ex-communist city into a hot international tourist destination. There are prominent cultural venues and important events to note here. What’s up in Prague in June 2016? Let’s find out together!

Shall we dance? The Czechs cordially invite you to their capital city for Tanec Praha (also known as Dance Prague), where you are supposed to… that’s right: dance! Or rather, watch more gifted performers move their fit bodies in a harmonious way. The greatest dance festival in town began in 1989 and has welcomed international dancers for various section ever since. Competitions include classical, jazz, folk and contemporary dance. This ample event will be hosted by various venues throughout the city and is scheduled to last for a month, from May 23rd to June 23rd 2016.

If you like the intricate musical harmonies of the band Muse, you can see them live, as they return to Prague on June 4th for an awesome, incendiary concert. The sky over the O2 arena will also be surrounded by flying drones.

On the same arena, beloved ever-young former Beatles member Paul McCartney will also be returning to Prague on June 16th 2016.

If you are traveling to the Czech capital city with your child, you can take them to an educative exhibition: Titanic Prague. You’re still in time, since the exhibition will last until the end of June. One of the greatest maritime disasters of all time, forever alive in the consciousness of people throughout the world (partly thanks to the DiCaprio and Winslet movie), the sinking of the Titanic is recorded and explained; but above all, the elegance and magnificence of the Titanic is reconstructed in an instructive way.

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