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The best museums in Prague

The best museums in Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic is one of the places that should find a place on any “things to see on a lifetime” list. It is a place of rich history and strong contrasts, where culture is at home. The best museums in Prague deserve all the attention, so we thought the last we could do is dedicate a few lines to the cultural life of the city.

A day at the museum in Prague can mean a visit to one or several of the following institutions:

What better place to get acquainted with the history of the Czechs than The National Museum of Prague? It was founded by Kaspar Maria Sternberg as early as 1818 and houses some 14 million items, a record number for the greatest museums in the world. It’s actually a museum complex if you like, with several venues scattered around the city.

Communism was an important constituent in the modern history of the Czech Republic. Today, Prague leaves little evidence from the stern communist era, but the Museum of Communism documents the decades of the regime in Europe, its legacy and victims, its doctrine and memories. There are several exhibits that present the age not without its share of irony.

A creepy, but weirdly fascinating experience in Prague would also be a visit to the Bone Church (Kostnice), a 19th-century “invention” or rather, interior decoration of a quite bland church; the inner side is made of thousands of medieval bones displayed in an… erm, artistic manner that resembles the gothic air. Worth a visit, preferably in daylight.