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Visit the 7 most beautiful libraries in the world

Visit the 7 most beautiful libraries in the world

People might think only adventurous travelers have fun climbing mountains and riding exciting montaigne-rousses. But the truth is that there is excitement and entertainment for all sorts of people, including bookish, “library mice”. For this latter category, the ultimate rush might be to visit the 7 most beautiful libraries in the world. Here is our list of destinations you really should consider!

7. Bristol Central Library, UK was finished in 1906 and provides literary excitement inside an eclectic, mesmerizing building that combines architectural modernism and the Tudor Revival style.

6. The New York Public Library, USA is easily recognizable for the two lions made of stone that guard its entry. An old-fashioned atmosphere dominates inside, where books line up the wood shelves, among arches, frescoes and chandeliers.

5. Opened in 1646, Palafoxiana Library, Mexico is probably the first library to have been established in the Americas. It is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

4. The Royal Library Copenhagen, Denmark proves that literature is not a thing of the past. The modern 1999 building that houses the library is breathtaking, combining steel, black granite and shiny glass. Exhibitions, a concert hall and cafes are featured to make for a complete literary experience.

3. The Japanese provide a unique, but majestic reading experience as well in the Musashino Art University Museum and Library in Tokyo, Japan, described by its creator, architect Sou Fujimoto as “a forest of books”.

2. Trinity College Library, Ireland is probably the epitome of what a library should feel like. The interior is sober and a bit gloomy, guarded by wood arches and lined up with old manuscripts and books. Founded by Celtic monks as early as the 9th century, it is the biggest library in Ireland and one of the oldest in Europe.

1. Perhaps the most amazing library and first on our list is 18th-century Clementinum Library in Prague, the Czech Republic. With an outstanding classical wooden interior and frescoed ceilings, this amazing library is a highlight of every Prague tour.