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Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Prague

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Prague

So you’re not so quick to make decisions; no biggie! You’re still on time to plan a last minute stay for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Prague, the glamorous and relatively low cost capital city of the Czech Republic.

The Czechs are Christians so they share the European joy and enthusiasm in celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ with color, music and light. Christmas is a magical time in the medieval-looking city by the Vltava, because there is shopping to be made, there are markets to be attended and a wonderful place to be visited with all the characteristic movement and energy of the season.

The city has been adorned for weeks now with giant Christmas trees and lights shining merrily from every shop window. You should first go on tour around the city and see all there is to see, from the Old Town center with its astronomic watch, to a walk along the Charles Bridge and a visit to the St. Vitus Cathedral or the Prague Castle.

A particularly pleasant moment of respite is to drink a coffee or a cup of infusion in a local tea shop or bistro, along with a small cake.

Christmas Markets render a particular color to the season and one of the greatest is the one in the Wenceslas Square, close to the other highlight, the Old Town Square Market. These are beautiful to admire and excellent if you want to purchase local foods and handicrafts or just get the vibe of the city.

The two squares are also the arena for public New Year’s Eve parties and the New Year’s Firework Display usually takes place by the Vltava River.

Be sure to take warm clothes for your trip, because the Czech Republic is known for its chilly weather during winter! And if your toes get too frosty, you can always ask for Prague transfers to come pick you up!