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7 Fun facts about the Czech Republic

7 Fun facts about the Czech Republic

Did you think Western Europe is the only one to be fun and interesting? Well, think again! Today, we’re going to show you an exception as we learn 7 Fun facts about the Czech Republic.

1. Defenestration basically consists of launching someone through an (open) window. While this might be a funny definition, what’s even funnier is that the Czechs were the first to coin the term and to implement it as a “policy” in 1618, when 3 politicians were thrown out of a window (which, granted, started a war).

2. To reaffirm their ludicrous and sometimes dark sense of humour, we’ll have you know that the Czechs choose to laugh at tragedy by selling funny Hitler masks and celebrate the… weirdness of contemporary art. Favorite artist David Czerny has sculptures that depict weird crawling babies, switched horses and even two guys urinating… yes, on each-other.

3. In terms of “mean-ness”, the Czech are the heaviest consumers of beer. And they do have a tradition to uphold there, with brands like Pilsen, Duff or Staropramen. They are also the second country with cancer mortality, after Hungary.

4. On the other hand, they are smart. They have the highest educational score in the EU, with 90% of people having finished at least secondary education.

5. If you are looking for a mountainside vacation, the Czech Republic is your destination, being almost entirely surrounded by mountains that limit its borders with Poland and Germany.

6. The Czech Republic has over 2000 castles.

7. The astronomical clock to be admired in Prague was set in 1410 and is the oldest working one in the entire world.

Tell us what you think about it! And when visiting this country of laughter, beer and history, be sure to ask for a lift from Prague airport transfers.



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