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The unknown Malta

The unknown Malta

More than just a litoral destination, stunning island country Malta is a fascinating cultural hot spot. If you want to explore the unknown Malta, join us for a moment as we set in search of unique attractions here!

If you rent a car in Malta, you can drive around the rural and beautifully picturesque landscape to Ta’ Qali village. Apart from breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the authentic air, in Ta’ Qali you can visit a small and beautiful winery called Meridiana. The estate produces what is probably the best wine in Malta, exported abroad. You can try a sip too!

Segways may look funny, but they are an awesome and comfortable way of crossing the dramatic coastline. It’s almost a hiking idea of “sport” on the island.

You have surely heard of airplanes… might have known about seafaring… but do you know that there is a thing called “seaplane”? Well, yes, there is and it’s in Malta. Departing from Gozo, the seaplane offers the most beautiful landscapes over the entire Malta. It’s a lot like the “flying boat” popular in the 1950s, but it brings a modern touch. This is an excellent way of glimpsing winding roads and hidden caves and coves. Plus you get to land on the sea.

There is much to be said about land also, though. With a Malta tour, you can visit the Silent City of Mdina, Rabat with its Arab architecture (once a neighbourhood of Mdina), admire the fortifications of capital city Valletta or enjoy a day in the countryside exploring the 3 villages of Attard, Balzan and Lija.

It’s all up to you. Suffice it to say that Malta is a wonderful place to be and that it offers both commercial, mainstream tourist delights and outstanding hidden destinations of great beauty.



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