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A few interesting things you should know about Malaga

A few interesting things you should know about Malaga

The capital of the homonymous province and a bright ray on the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a fascinating place, full of life, but also boasting with a rich history and legacy. Here are a few interesting things you should know about Malaga:

1. The city of Malaga was founded around the year 770 BC by the Phoenicians. After being ruled by Carthage, then by the Romans from the 3rd century BC, after the fall of the Empire, Malaga was under Islamic domination until 1487, when it was “reconquered” by the Christians. Today’s city, despite the modern predominance, preserves the specific and the cultural mixture between Orient and Occident, between old and new.

2. Malaga is the home town of Antonio Banderas, Solomon Ibn Gabirol and Pablo Picasso.

3. And talking about this cubist genius, in Malaga you can visit the Picasso Home Museum, which contains many of Pablo Picasso’s paintings, sketches, as well as ceramics. It has housed the museum since 1988, although the house dates back to 1861.

4. Nearby, in the town center, you can stop by the Cervantes Theatre and then stop to admire the Roman and Phoenician ruins under the Casas de Campos.

5. The beautiful Alcazaba Fortress was built in 1040 and it had defensive role for King Badis of the Zirid Dynasty and his family. The citadel is still standing, being visible from afar – as it is perched on the highest hill.

6. With an average temperature of 18.5 degrees Celsius and 300 days of sunshine, Malaga is definitely a happy, sunny destination – and not only during summer.

7. Traffic in the city of Picasso can be a bit hectic. But don’t worry! There is public transportation, as well as an excellent Malaga airport transfer service and if you feel confident enough, you can even book a Malaga car rental.