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5 Things not to miss in Split

5 Things not to miss in Split

Probably everyone traveling to Croatia will tell you that this amazing country – virtually unexplored as an international tourist destination until not so long ago – is an outstanding place that will make you want to return again and again. Here are 5 Things not to miss in Split, one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia.

5. Prepare a healthy and fresh meal by shopping at the fish market. During the mornings, the fish market – located in the center, on Riva Boulevard – fills with excitement and activity. A very happy place to observe the authentic life of Split!

4. Gradski Muzej, the City Museum of Split, is the nerd-traveler’s paradise. If you want to document the history and ethnography of the region, this is the place for you. A visual tour will be provided by the weapons, art pieces and books featured in the museum’s collection.

3. The Croatian National Theatre in Split stages all sorts of intellectual shows, from opera and ballet, to drama and concerts of all sorts. It is one of the largest theatres in the southern part of Europe and a destination worth stopping by, plus its architecture is beautiful!

2. Built starting from the 7th century, the Cathedral of St. Domnius is designed in the wonderful Corinthian style, guarded by Roman columns and takes pride in its 60-meter tall bell tower. It is one of the symbols of the town and a good point of orientation.

1. Diocletian’s Palace is by far the main attraction in Split. It was commissioned by the Emperor Diocletian, who lived here until his death in 311.

Needless to say, Split is a wonderful seaside destination, but we plan on dedicating an entire article sometime soon to the best beaches here.

Meanwhile, we advise you to flee the cold and plan a vacation in sunny Croatia. When making your travel arrangements, be sure to book car rental Split online as well.