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10 Fun facts about Alicante

10 Fun facts about Alicante

The neverending sun on the Spanish shore of Costa Brava welcomes thousands of visitors looking for a ray of sun both on high and low season. Here are 10 Fun facts about Alicante that just might make you plan your vacation there – maybe even for the coming Christmas season.

1. Alicante is big on rice. Actually, it produces some 115.000 tons of it annually. No wonder rice dishes are an important part of the local cuisine. Arroz a banda (a dish made from fish and rice), arroz de  agro (rice with veggies and meat) and arroz con costa (rice and crust egg) are part of the culinary identity of Alicante…

2. … And so are tapas! The famous side dish were “invented” in Alicante. Once upon a… dish, visitors were presented with the local delicacies on slices of toast bread.

3. Benidorm, in the region, became the first package vacation resort in all of Spain in 1950. Its popularity increased thanks to then mayor Pedro Zaragoza, who allowed the use of women on th beach. The happy, uninhibited women and their partners have been returning to the resort over and over again ever since.

4. A highlight of Alicante is the promenade Explanada de Espaita. This is one of the favorite places to walk in town by the sea shore, but what is special about it is that it is lined with 400 palm trees and paved with no less than 6.600.000 marble tiles.

5. One of the major reasons you should consider a trip to Alicante is its climate, which is one of the healthiest on the European continent. Warm throughout the air, with limited variations, clran air and low degree of rainfall, Alicante is perfect for people ailing from asthma or arthritis.

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