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Top 5 attractions to visit in Zagreb

Top 5 attractions to visit in Zagreb

Of late, we see the international traveler becoming more and more versatile. Croatia has become a hot spot on the list of seaside destinations, but it is worth remembering that the country’s capital city is significant from the cultural point of view as well. So here are our top 5 attractions to visit in Zagreb.

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5. Personally, I love nature and whenever I travel someplace new, I simply must cross “a nice long walk” off my “to do list”. Established in 1981 on the winding lines of the Medvednica Mountain, the Medvednica Nature Park in Zagreb is an excellent place to bike, hike or walk in a lovely natural environment.

4. The Museum of Contemporary Art is housed in a (how else but) modernist building. It displays collections signed by famous artists such as Carsten Holler and Croatian son Sanja Ivekovic (who deals with the theme of violence directed towards women in his exhibited work).

3. The Tower of Lotrscak was built in the 13th-century with the aim of protecting the southern part of town. Restored in the 18th-century, the tower is one of the symbols of Zagreb.

2. When traveling to Croatia in summer, for a day outside in the family, you can always opt for Lake Jarun, the ultimate place for recreation. Here, you can swim, fish and row or just enjoy the sun.

1. Probably the most emblematic symbol of the city and definitely the most visited tourist attraction, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a majestic medieval construction. Fully restored after the Tatar medieval attacks and the 19th-century quake, the cathedral is standing on the site of an ancient church.

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