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Explore the sea with Catamaran Charter Croatia from Krk Island

Explore the sea with Catamaran Charter Croatia from Krk Island

If you are in for an exotic getaway, you really should put the idea to explore Croatia with Catamaran Charter Croatia from Krk Island.

Did you know that 20 million tourists visited Croatia in 2018? This year, the season is approaching its peak, but rest assured, you’re still well on time to book your vacation there and enjoy one of the most coveted destinations.

And what best place to go in Croatia than the quiet and breathtakingly beautiful islands, Krk? It is truly a corner of paradise, away from the chains of reality and the routine of everyday life. It is a place where cerulean lagoons and lean coves abound, where the soil is fertile and the forests are thick with luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation. There are also mountainous landscapes to admire and if you wish, you can relax by the shores of the two lakes that adorn the island with an even quieter view.

Catamaran Charter Croatia might be just the thing you are looking for in case you are willing to combine the beauty and relaxation of a secluded island with all the luxurious and adventurous experience a boat ride can afford.

Catamaran charter Croatia
Catamaran charter Croatia

You can rent a boat for you and your family or group of friends from Marina Punat on Krk Island and you can rest assured that you will have all the comfort and also the space to explore the waters surrounding the island and its adjacent spots.

Actually, Punat, widely regarded as the most recent village in the area, is located some 3 kilometers away from Krk Island and is one of the largest Croatian nautical centers today. No wonder this is the spot where you can go to collect your catamaran and embark on the exploration experience that will make your year and help you remember the wonderful days of sun all throughout the year.



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