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Top 10 Reasons to visit Zagreb

Top 10 Reasons to visit Zagreb

In recent years, Croatia has gained ground as a prominent tourist attraction both for Europeans and the entire world. Here are my top 10 Reasons to visit Zagreb.

1. Walking is probably my favorite activity. Whether I am strolling around my town, in a park or visiting a foreign town, I love to go everywhere on foot. So this brings me to my reason number one for visiting Zagreb: because the best way to explore it is by walking and because the town center is accessible and most objectives are within walking distance. Downtown, you should visit the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Mark’s Church and the Mirogoj Cemetery. I also recommend just exploring the traditional streets to get the feel of this amazing city.

2. Lake Jarun proves that Croatians love nature and have done extensive work in order to turn it into a great attraction. You can practice sports here or take long walks. Swimming, sailing, rowing and even fishing are among the options available. And if watersports are not your thing, you can play soccer, tennis or volleyball on the courts on site. It is an excellent place to bring your children too (there are parks for kids), but it is also attractive by night (it features a series of lively bars).

3. With a Zagreb airport transfer, you can travel outside the city just a few miles and get to Scitarjevo, where you should definitely take a moment to explore the Andautonia Archaeological Park. Andautonia used to be a Roman establishment from the first century of our age. Spread over some 2500 square miles, the park features the archeological ruins of the old forgotten town, including roads, baths and old wooden houses.

A mixture of old and new, Zagreb is definitely a must-see!