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Fun stuff you might not know about Zagreb

Fun stuff you might not know about Zagreb

So we know that this beautiful city is the capital city of Croatia. Here are some fun stuff you might not know about Zagreb.

1. Zagreb is nicknamed “the city of museums” because it has the largest number of museums per capital in the world.

2. Croatians celebrate… erm, sad moments as well as happy ones. That is an optimistic take on life, come to think about it. Or just nostalgic. Anyway, back to the museums (slash failed romances), there is a Museum of Broken Relationships right at the heart of Zagreb. And “bad romances” are not the only things to be celebrated here. Failed relationships of all kinds are celebrated with artifacts in this museum, which is one of the weirdest, but hottest attractions in town.

3. One of the proudest children of Croatia is the great inventor Nikola Tesla. In 1892, he visited the city and presented a project that was meant to create an electric street system powered by water. Unfortunately (and quite predictably, unfortunately), the city council rejected his project.

4. Croatians also celebrate cats. It seems like the gentle felines have conquered this place of the world as well. They appear to be everywhere and above the capital city, in Gorscica, their fans have the unique opportunity to cuddle with them in a cozy cottage in the mountains. There’s quite a hike to go through before you get there, so enjoy the nature!

5. The French name of the tie, Cravat, actually comes from Croat, a name given by the locals when first setting eyes on the posh King Louis XIII who wore them. Enough interesting facts to convince you to visit Croatia? And if you want to make your vacation even better, you can book your Zagreb car hire online. You definitely won’t regret your choice.