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Pack your things and let’s go to Gibraltar!

Pack your things and let’s go to Gibraltar!

In the “going someplace warm during the winter season” cycle, we have a new suggestion. So how about you pack your things and let’s go to Gibraltar!

Located at the southern extremity of the Iberian Peninsula, at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar is not really Spain, not really Spanish, but even though it’s part of the British Overseas Territory, it’s not completely under its control – although people are quicker to accept the British cultural identity. Rather the first thing that strikes one about the place is its unique identity. The proximity to Spain has made Gibraltar a place of dispute, but the region has been under British rule from the 1700s. Also, although most people here talk Spanish, the official language is English – and it would appear Americans find that Gibraltarians sound a lot like Brits.

There are only around 30.000 such Gibraltarians. To these people, we add around 250 Barbary Macaques roaming the city, the only wild monkey community in Europe.

With an annual temperature average of around 21 degrees Celsius, endless sunny summer days and mild, warm winters, Gibraltar is a wonderful tourist destination. It is also its main industry. Shipping and financial services also constitute prominent sector and it is worth mentioning that Gibraltar is one of the wealthiest European economies and has an excellent education system.

Land here is expensive, however, so it might be a good idea to visit first and assess things before deciding to move to Gibraltar. However, the idyllic landscape, as well as the proximity of the sea, make it an appealing spot for lovers wanting to propose. Fun fact: John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married in Gibraltar.

Needless to say, services are very good here, including transport. You can book a Gibraltar airport transfer online, in advance, and enjoy an excellent ride.