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Top 3 Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

Top 3 Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik makes for an excellent case study: it is one of the most emblematic seaside resorts in Croatia (if not the best of all), also known as “the pearl of the Adriatic”, but it is also the center of the best of Croatian intellectuality and art. Today we explore the Top 3 Reasons to visit Dubrovnik.

1. The most predictable reason you should consider a visit to Dubrovnik is the undeniable beauty of the Dalmatian coast, where it is located. So there you have it: sunbathing is the first reason that comes to mind when you plan a visit in town.

2. An adventure on the Island of Lokrum would be another suggestion. If you take a short ferry from the coast of Dubrovnik, you’ll soon reach the little Lokrum Island, the old summer home of the Mexican Emperor Maximilian, who left the legacy of some beautiful gardens that you can walk through. The island’s Botanical Garden and the beautiful French Fort Royal Castle are highlights of the island, which you are also invited to visit.

3. Explore the Old City of Dubrovnik to get the feel of the old history of the place. The city walls are magnificent (simply by the fact that they are still standing after over 10 centuries). Six meters tall and six meters thick, these solid walls provided efficient defense.

In the Old Town, you can also take a picture by the two tall towers, the symbols of the city: Minceta and Bokar Towers. The squares and plazas in Dubrovnik will make you feel like in Italy. The Cathedral, in its current form, was actually designed by the Italian Baroque architect, Andrea Buffalini, who came all the way from Rome to see its creation.

To enjoy a truly complete trip to this outstanding city, you can always enjoy the freedom given by a Dubrovnik rental car.