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The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe – Part 1

The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe – Part 1

This tradition started once upon a time in Germany, in the middle ages, and it seems people became so enamoured by it, that today we are here about to talk about the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe.

The winter season is in the air, Santa Claus is preparing his sledge and training his reindeer and we are eager to see what this year’s presents will be. In short, we can’t wait for Christmas and the New Year to come!

  1. To celebrate the most wonderful days of the year, Croatians have prepared in Zagreb the most beautiful Christmas Market in the world. During the Advent, the atmosphere here is simply magical and so there’s no wonder the Zagreb market has been voted for the second time consecutively the most beautiful. We encourage you to book your Zagreb airport transfer and go see for yourselves!
  2. Didn’t we mention that the Germans were the first to introduce these fairs? They are famous for enjoying good food, good handicrafts and good cheer and one of the most bright Christmas Markets of them all is the one in Cologne. The great Gothic Cathedral, one of the greatest in the world, is also nearby, so you will love this traditional city!
  3. Vienna is another “hot” winter destination. Every year, thousands of people flock here to see the Christmas decorations and to attend the market near the Rathaus (the City Hall). The market in Vienna is at the heart of the city and it is a truly magnificent opportunity to be in the presence of such joy and light.
  4. The Christmas Market in Strasbourg may not be this year’s favorite, but it most definitely makes the top of any list, having often been voted the most beautiful as well. It is also one of the oldest, having been organized here ever since 1570.



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