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Treviso, an interesting tourist destination

Treviso, an interesting tourist destination

I’ve traveled the world for a good part of my life. But right now, if someone asked me (and required an instant answer) about the “best travel place”, even though the question is a really difficult one, I probably wouldn’t hesitate and say, “Italy”! But after you’ve seen Rome and Venice, don’t give up on Italy thinking that’s all it can show! Today I’ll tell you why you should go to Treviso, an interesting tourist destination.

Treviso is located in the Veneto region. Veneto borders Austria, so the German air mixes with the Latin atmosphere in an authentic mix. Among others, Veneto hosts the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda, where you can go if you are lodged in Treviso and rent a car in Treviso. Also, Veneto is an interesting region because the Venetian dialect is spoken here. (They also invented the word “ciao” – and now that’s all the Italian most earthlings speak).

But back to Treviso: it is an interesting and rich destination to explore indeed. Among the symbols of the city is the San Pietro Cathedral which was constructed between the 15th and 16th centuries, featuring Titian’s famous “The Annunciation” and Pordenone frescoes, all painted as early as the 16th century.

If you want to be outdoors, go to the Regional Natural Park of Sile, where along the river flow you will encounter marshes, lagoons and natural oases. It is the ideal place to stroll in the summer.

But if you are traveling to Treviso in winter, you can spend a lovely afternoon in one of the traditional taverns overlooking the romantic winding cobblestoned streets.

And if you want to eat healthy during your stay, go to the Pescheria (the Fish Market), where you will not only find fresh foods, but also admire the oldest part of town.

One last aspect about the place: it is close to Croatia, so if you are staying there, you can book a Treviso airport transfer for an excellent transport service.