Reykjavík trip

Reykjavík is the world’s most northern capital, and despite the cold weather it’s a colorful place that is populated with a quirky people, who like to party at night – and considering how north this is, night can last a long time in these parts.

The charm of Iceland’s capital stems from its striking contrasts which clash and blend together to create a peculiar type of experience. Reykjavík is a blend of village innocence and big-city zeal, which can seem a bit jarring at first, and then there are the people who are now filled with a sort of dark cynicism – considering the recent near-bankruptcy of their country – that coexists with a constantly creative and enduring spirit.

This contrast continues in regards to the weather as well, for instance during the streets you can relish in daylight for twenty-two hours, while during the winter the night seems never-ending and the blizzards constantly pound the streets and buildings.

This feeling of contrasts is only compounded when you consider how cold the place is overall, with snow-topped mountains and all, but it is a very volcanically active place, with geizers and steam vents all over the place – this is the main reason why Iceland has almost phased out fossil fuels, since they make use of their geo-thermal potential to a rather large extent.

And besides all of the things that we’ve talked bout, the capital still offers everything that you might expect from an important capital, a European capital. It has plenty of cosy cafes, top-notch restaurants, museums, galleries and since we mentioned it earlier, geothermal pools.

Remember that we said that they like to party in Reykjavík, a lot, well the city is somewhat infamous for its electric music scene and also the rather excessive Friday-night “runtur” – or pub-hopping around the small and superstylish clubs and bars that the city offers.

There are plenty of things to see and do while in Iceland’s capital, rest assured of that, just make sure that you visit the place during the summer months, so that you can get the best the weather there can provide.


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