The Most Enjoyable Beach Escapes In The U.S.

The Most Enjoyable Beach Escapes In The U.S.

The U.S. doesn’t always get specific attention for its beaches, but it happens to have dozens of fairly incredible ones. On both coasts, as well as on the island state of Hawaii, there are beaches that can cater to just about any sort of vacation you might want. You can relax, enjoy watersports, find a secluded spot, join a crowd, enjoy coastal cities, and more. There’s an incredible amount of variety, but because no article could possibly capture it all, we have a sampling of some of the most enjoyable beach getaways around the country.

Miami Beach

MiamiBeach_1Miami Beach, and specifically the part of the area known as South Beach, may just be the most famous and recognizable beach on the American mainland. Known for a festive, party-like atmosphere, it also happens to be a beautiful area overflowing with culture. Miami Beach is a place to lay out, to go on long walks, to do some people-watching and, in some cases, a place to go shopping and enjoy countless restaurants and bars near the beach. The South Beach area is known for incredible restaurants, which is part of the reason the buzz at this particular coastal destination doesn’t stop at sundown.


Nature Beach Nofilter Napali Hawaii Kauai OceanThere are some who would seek to rank the best beaches in the U.S. and come back with five picks in Hawaii, and it would be hard to find any fault with it. For the sake of variety however we’re limiting this discussion to one Hawaii beach destination, and we’ve picked the island of Kauai. A small but gorgeous island filled with individual beaches worth checking out, Kauai is a place you simply want to explore and enjoy in the most natural way possible. That means laying out, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and perhaps even trying your hand at some calmer watersports, like paddleboarding.

Atlantic City

AtlCity_1Atlantic City has had some tough times over the years, but it remains a fairly unique U.S. beach getaway. Mostly this is because of the city itself. Its famous boardwalk makes for a really fun place to hang out, and its casino scene is still very active, even if it occasionally gets so-so reviews. The Ocean Resort is reopening with a casino license soon, and a new Hard Rock resort has been approved as well, ultimately keeping up the appearance of a sort of East Coast, beachside Las Vegas.

Martha’s Vineyard

Gay Head Cliffs - Moshup Public Beach - Martha's Vineyard  - Boston - USA.Martha’s Vineyard offers an entirely different kind of experience as well, primarily because it’s actually a small island in New England. While it’s not universally true, there is generally a quieter, more private, and almost quaint feel to the best New England beaches. And while it’s a popular place that can certainly attract a crowd during the summer, Martha’s Vineyard can often exemplify this atmosphere. It’s a place for pure relaxation and excellent local meals – though you may also want to try your hand at sailing or kayaking while you’re there.


Monterey_1The town of Monterey actually isn’t a “beach escape” in the most traditional sense, but it’s still one of the more appealing coastal destinations in America. Known for beautiful rocky coastline, charming bars and seafood restaurants, and boats, it also happens to be close to the famous Pebble Beach golf course, which is one most avid golfers want to play. Not much beats a day out on a course like this followed by a seaside dining experience on California’s Pacific Coast!