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Come and visit Malta!

Come and visit Malta!

The Republic of Malta is a small country in the Mediterranean and consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Surrounded by clear blue waters, rich fossil rugged cliffs, and mesmerizing green corners of nature spread all over, Malta is blessed with contrasting landscapes and land forms.

Known for its popularity as a sun kissed sea holiday destination, Malta results to be famous also for its rich history and culture.

The prehistoric Megalithic Temples of Malta are some of the oldest temples in history, dating back to before the Egyptian Pyramids and the stone structures of Stonehenge. These incredible structures from coralline rock and globigerina limestone are visited every year by thousands of tourists.

It is incredible this re-connection to our past and origins and the human ability to relive the significant moments from history. For example, the Grand Harbour or the Port of Valleta represents one of the places which gives people the chance to witness the most important moments and events which happened in this very spot. Besides, this place has breathtaking views and the tourists know this place it’s a must on the bucket list.

Regarding the amazing and wonderful views, the Blue Grotto it’s absolutely fascinating, being one of the most popular destinations in Malta. This is a natural phenomenon where the sun strikes the seawater and its deep blue colors are reflected on the walls of the caves. You can take a boat tour of the Blue Grotto, but you can also enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling.

The sea is a mysterious and enchanting place we are constantly exploring, so if you are a curious sea lover, the National Aquarium of Malta is the perfect place to discover the sea jewels. The aquarium displays a wide variety of marine life and has a total of five zones: Malta’s western shoreline & Submarine, Valletta Harbour, Tropical Oceans, Gozo and Comino, and Roman Times.

Come and visit Malta, where you will definitely fall in love with nature and history!

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