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Dublin trip

Dublin trip

Dublin inhabitants are known to sometimes dip into the hyperbole bowl when talking up their country’s capital. The place offers a delightful and somewhat decadent experience, it’s a place full of surprises but not one that strikes one as markedly pretty. What the city lacks in looks, more than makes up for with personality, and lots of it – personality after all will stay with you for much longer than good looks will.

This shouldn’t be misunderstood as to say that Dublin is not a beautiful city, quite far from it, thanks to its landscaped parks and very rich Georgian heritage, and of course there are many more types of cultural offerings that will reveal Dublin to you, just that its pull doesn’t come exclusively from that characteristic, its inhabitants are its biggest pull.

Even with the recently acquired multicultural cosmopolitanism, Dubliners are some of the best hosts, a charismatic people who are sociable almost to a fault, a very compelling and infectious type of buzz seems to surround them at most times, and this is something that many visitors pick up on.

Those visiting Ireland might be thinking that the weather there is rather wet and cold, however that is not exactly true when it comes to the capital. Dublin is indeed warmest during the months of July and August, but even during the winter it never gets cold, not nearly as cold as it does on the continent, rarely going below zero Centigrade.

As for the rain, Dublin is in one of the drier parts of the country, however it can rain pretty much whenever, summer included. So the weather is far from even being predictable, however one thing that is certain, is that during the summer you’ll be getting 18 hours of daylight, just as a side-note.

There are a lot of places to see and things to do in Dublin, but rest assured that you’ll have a great experience just when hanging out in a pub and enjoying the daily life of Dubliners.


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