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The best destinations for Spring 2020- Sao Miguel Island

The best destinations for Spring 2020- Sao Miguel Island

Sao Miguel is the largest island of the Azores, a spectacular archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Famous for its impressive atractions, Sao Miguel is a corner of green paradise, full of breathtaking views, great trails, sun kissed pounding waves and volcanic past, easily discovered in the numerous hot springs.

Sao Miguel is surrounded by history and culture at every beautiful and unique building you pass by, enriched by the warm welcoming of the inhabitants and their amazing local cuisine, which might convince you to move to this magical island.

The Furnas Valley is a volcanic caldera which consists of geothermal water, mud springs and mini-geysers, laying between the rich green landscape of the island. You can have a stroll along the calderas, enjoying the geothermal water and mud springs’ incredible beneficial effects.

If you considered going hiking, you might take into consideration the two lakes at Sete Cidades, two gorgeous lakes whose formation and beauty could be explained by a famous legend, which states they are the tears of star-crossed lovers, a green-eyed princess and a blue-eyed shepherd.

You can also enjoy the local history, by visiting Farol do Arnel, the oldest lighthouse in the Azores. It’s definitely worth visiting due to its 19th century special architecture and the stunning and enchanting views.

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