Pecs trip

The town of Pecs has been blessed with a mild climate, a great past and several museums and monuments, the place is fairly considered by many to e the jewel of the region if not of all provincial Hungary. These are only some of the reasons that make it second on the list to Budapest as places to visit while on a Hungary trip, for many travelers.

The mild climate is due in part to the place where Pecs resides, being set at equal distances both from the Danube and the Drava Rivers, on a plain that is sheltered by the Mecsek Hills to the north. The town enjoys an extended summer and this has made it an ideal place for the growing of grapes, fruit and nuts, especially almonds.

For many visitors however, Pecs is a ‘town of art’, filled with many attractions and not the least of which, safe.

The town has several interesting museums and many other attractions that will interest those who love their history, however one such major attraction is the Cella Septichora Visitor Centre. This complex is made up of mostly Early Christian buildings alongside burial sites from the Roman era. All of the sites were connected through a series of underground paths and exhibition rooms.

However, as a sign of the diverse history that this region has seen, located in the main square there is also the Mosque of Pasha Quasim. The Mosque is actually built on the site and using the stones of Saint Berthold’s Gothic church, but the Turkish character of the church was restored after the most recent renovations. The inside of the building however, interestingly enough functions as a Catholic church.

When we said this is considered by many to be a ‘town of art’ we weren’t joking, the place has no less than three art museums, each of them dedicated to a different artist, and they are Victor Vasarely – founder op-art movement; Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary – a painter whose style defies classification featuring traces of post-impressionism and expressionism; Vilmos Zsolnay was a decorative ceramics artist.