Hamburg trip

The port-city of Hamburg is Germany’s largest port and this has meant that it has always been at the forefront of dynamism and multiculturalism.

The maritime history of the place has made it into the second-busiest port in Europe, despite it being located about 100 kilometers from an actual sea. Being on the forefront of trade and business in the country has also meant that Hamburg is not afraid to look to the future, nowadays being a major media capital as well as the wealthiest city in the country.

Even though on the international stage Hamburg isn’t as well known as Berlin or Munich, internally it is quite a different thing altogether. Internally it is known as something of a natural achiever, thanks to its outgoing nature very rarely prone to the self-doubt that can be still sometimes seen in the rest of Germany ever since the reunification. Hamburg has benefited greatly from the increased business from Eastern European countries, and all of this makes the place very self-confident.

This atmosphere influences the daily way of being in Hamburg, and makes this city one of the best places to visit while in Germany. Also there’s a particular air of multiculturalism that may not be as present in those other places, with immigrant workers mingling with students in the many Portuguese, Turkish and Asian eateries and the city’s hipsters lounge on artificial river beaches, in sheer defiance of the city’s renowned drizzly weather.

There are plenty of attractions to be seen in Hamburg, ranging from what you might expect, museums, visiting monuments and the like to enjoying the local culture scene in one of its many theaters or exploring the various neighborhoods that it is made of and their particularities.

Considering the importance the harbor has had and still has for Hamburg, visiting the Harbor Area should be on your list as well. Some older parts of the area have actually been turned into apartment districts, featuring museums and a couple of interesting attractions such as the Hamburg Dungeon and the Miniatur Wunderland.


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