Leipzig trip

The German city of Leipzig has been around for at least a thousand years and has been pivotal to the development of the Saxony region, now being an important business and transport centre as well as a focus for a variety of trade-fairs.

With such a long history and its stature in the region, one can expect a great deal of things to see and do while in Leipzig.

Starting with the Old Town Hall, which has been standing since 1556, the Renaissance style building is one of the country’s largest. During the 18th century its tower was enlarged and also received a Baroque spire.

There are a few churches that you can visit but there are many more museums which range in theme, from the Bach Museum to the Museum at the Round Corner – which is housed in the former Stasi headquarters.

The city is also known for staging some of the finest opera and classical music events in the country, one cannot gloss over the fact that it was once home to names like Bach, Wagner, Schumann and Mendelssohn.

Alongside their music, you can also visit some of their houses, such as the Mendelssohn House, the Schiller House and the Schumann House.

Something rather unique to the city are is passages towards the city centre. Some of these passages have big entrances while others look like nothing more than a simple open gate, similarly some are part of historical buildings while some have only appeared a few years ago. The passages are populated by shops and bars, some of them even arthouse cinemas.

Art and the literary scenes are also flourishing and when it comes to this one also cannot forget that Goethe places an important scene of Faust in the cellar of his favorite drinking establishment.

Other sights that you may want to visit are the Volkershlachtdenkmal, or Monument to the Battle of the nations, the University of Leipzig Botanical Garden, the Zoo and the National Library of Germany.


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