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Berlin has come quite a way since the world-famous Wall came down towards the end of 1989, but despite more than twenty years passing from that moment, there are still several differences that can be seen between East and West Berlin.

As a whole though, Berlin has become a mixture of glamour and grit, becoming a regional beacon for art, fashion, design and gastronomy especially.

Berlin has become something of a magnet for all manner of artists, becoming something of a cultural cauldron with many being drawn by its climate of tolerance, openness and just an all-around penchant for experimentation.

Germany’s capital is a town that’s been at the very center of modern history, it’s where a revolution was stages, it was also the headquarters of fascists which lead to it it being bombed to within a shell of its former self, after which it was separated in half for half a century, only for it to be finally reunited.

There are a couple of major landmarks which one should not miss out on, regardless of the main focus of one’s trip, the Riechstag, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall are remainders of that tumultuous history.

Your Berlin trip may not be what you expect, in the sense that what you may have heard about the German people may not totally apply to Berlin. The whole city sometimes seems to be bubbling constantly in a state of partying, with cafes being jam-packed at all hours, and drinking being something of a religion, the clubs fuel and host this scene until the small hours of the morning.

However despite its oftentimes hectic pace, the city still is a major European capital, however thanks to some of those German specific characteristics that we were talking about earlier, traffic tends to clog up only rarely and public transportation is something that actually works properly, the streets are safe and the prices for an average meal won’t set your budget back at all.

There is obviously much more to Berlin than what one might think initially, rest assured that the place will surprise you constantly throughout your trip.


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