Bordeaux trip

Bordeaux, known as La Belle Au Bois Dormant – or the Sleeping Beauty – has not been sleeping for a while now, ever since the turn of the millennium actually, a major turning point in its modern history, when boulevards were pedestrianized, architectural sights were restored and a high-tech public transportation system was implemented.

In the general conception of most people, Bordeaux is associated with wine, and fine wine at that, but you shouldn’t feel bad about that, Bordeaux wine is after all considered to be amongst the best in the world, but there are quite a few other things in Bordeaux that will deserve your attention.

We mentioned something about architecture earlier, well the Place Royale or the Place de la Bourse is one such type of attraction that the city has to offer. It’s a great blend of historic buildings and modern urban town planning, featuring a reflecting fountain, with sprouting jets of water, and the view of the Garonne river, it’s a must-see place in Bordeaux to be sure.

The Quinconces Esplanade is another large area that you should check out while in Bordeaux, one of the largest, if not the biggest squares in Europe, it features a massive monument on one side, a great fountain and trees all around. It is also a place where some type of event can be found at any one time or another, definitely worth at least one visit.

Now we do however have to talk about the importance of wine in the city and how it has made out of it an attraction in itself. Depending on the amount of time that you’ll be spending on your Bordeaux trip, you should definitely consider enrolling in the Bordeaux Wine School’s three-day intensive courses in beginning and intermediate wine-tasting which will teach you how to differentiate between the many nuances of fine wines, at very cheap prices as well.

One must not miss the opportunity of walking on the Pont De Pierre, and snapping a few photographs of this very beautiful Napoleonic bridge.


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