Lyon trip

Lyon has played the role of a commercial, industrial and banking centre for the region for over five hundred years. About two million people use Lyon as a focal point for their business, and France’s second-largest conurbation features a plethora of outstanding art museums, a very dynamic cultural life, a great nightlife scene and of course there’s the thriving university and great shopping opportunities.

The culture enthusiasts will surely find a lot to see and do here, especially in the historical old town, while those who prefer to explore a place in a more pedestrian and intimate way, will enjoy the green parks and riverside paths that exist in the city.

Lyon is also a great place for foodies, as the dining scene is particularly interesting, sharp and savvy, especially for those who prefer pork as their meat of choice.

Depending on when you visit Lyon, you may chance upon one of its several major events and festivals, the largest of them all being the Festival of Lights. This event takes place for four days around the 8th of December and it attracts an estimate of four million visitors each year.

For those visiting during the summer, the Nults de Fourviere festival takes place from June to early August, a festival in which the Roman theaters will host a variety of different-style shows from music concerts, to dancing, theater and movies.

Lyon doesn’t have the same amount of world-famous monuments like the country’s capital does, however it does make up for that lack with a very wide range of highly diverse neighborhoods which will be quite interesting to walk through and admire the architectural marvels, and also most of the city’s attractions are in fact free of charge to visit. Churches parks, traboules, they won’t cost you anything to visit, the museums will however, so keep that in mind when you plan a Lyon trip.

For another attraction that you don’t have to pay to see, walk along the narrow strip along the rich bank of the Saone, this is the largest Renaissance area in Europe, behind Venice.


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