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5 Things to remember when planning a trip to Egypt

5 Things to remember when planning a trip to Egypt

Traveling to any new place entails a certain degree of preparation and planning. It’s a new circumstance and people can be a bit nervous whenever they need to place themselves in a new situation. Here are 5 Things to remember when planning a trip to Egypt.

The realm of pharaohs and pyramids, with the endless desert staring blankly at you in its golden magnificence in the burning sun, thousands of years of history and a rich cultural legacy, Egypt is a place of great beauty, an amazing experience, but also a different world, exotic and mysterious. There are certain aspects that you should consider when traveling here:

1. Egypt is a Muslim country, so it is important to respect the faith of the locals. On the other hand, Egyptians are some of the most lax Muslims and you can often find them enjoying a beer or a cigarette, while Egyptian women often wear their heads uncovered.

2. You need a Visa to travel to Egypt. Be sure to take your time for all these travel arrangements.

3. Be sure to have some cash (LE in pounds and piasters, the local currency). Credit cards can be used in large malls, hotels and institutions, but not in regular shops.

4. Take your sunglasses and even a cap to protect yourself from the burning sun and the heat! Avoid walking in the sun around noon and just in case, take a blister of aspirins in your bag in case you get insolation.

5. Traffic is really chaotic in Egypt, as well as crowded, so take care when crossing the street! If you don’t dare drive around the maze of narrow alleys and rough terrains, you should book a Sharm el Sheikh Airport transfer hotel. This service can be booked online, as well as airplane tickets and lodgings – which go without saying.

Enjoy an amazing trip!