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What do we eat in Egypt? – Part 2

What do we eat in Egypt? – Part 2

We’ve already established that food is part of a culture and that the cuisine of a particular country or people reflects its ideas and creativity, as well as the agricultural possibilities there. I say we continue

our exploration of this aspect in an exotic and fascinating place as we try to answer the same old question: What do we eat in Egypt? – Part 2 brings you new ideas!

We don’t question the Egyptian cuisine much. We just assimilate the country with its ancient history, the Valley of the Kings with its mighty pyramids, ancient hieroglyphs and the golden burning desert. And

yet the Egyptians will serve us:

Gibna Dominati, the Egyptian variant of mozzarella. It is a soft, white cheese produced in Damietta, northern Egypt. The cheese is prepared carefully and aged for up to three years before being served or

sold. There are dishes that contain Gibna Dominati, such as sambousak or mesh.

Something the Egyptians cannot do without is their Baladi bread. It is a special food: flat white bread made from wheat and bran and baked in an oven.

Dukkah goes perfectly as a dip for this bread. It consists of nuts, salt, herbs, coriander and mint. There are several “interpretations” of the recipe.  All are tasty, though.

Though not an exclusively Egyptian dish, the Halawa is a richly sweet food. It is common across the Mediterranean and is an archaic energy bar reinvented! It includes nuts, almonds, pistachios mixed into

a sesame, honey and whipped cream paste. What is truly amazing about the Halawa is that it lasts even in the burning Egyptian sun, where foods either go bad or melt. This one lasts!

You should definitely taste it next time you are in Cairo! Also, food tastes better at the seaside, so you can try this and even ask Sharm el Sheikh airport transfers to take you on a tasty food tour of the