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A quiet trip to Nabq Bay

A quiet trip to Nabq Bay

Traveling is all about the excitement and fun of activities, about the thrill and anticipation of the preparations before. But for some, traveling equals relaxation. That is the reason we suggest a quiet trip to Nabq Bay today.

We’ve spent quite some time talking about Sharm el Sheikh, so I guess we’ve prepared you for a tip here. Nabq Bay is not a different city “per se”. It is a modern and quiet Sharm el Sheikh. It would be more accurate to say that Nabq Bay is a subdivision of Sharm. 20 minutes away from Sharm International Airport, north from the old town center, Nabq Bay is actually an enclave within the city. It is home to some 60 hotels, resorts with excellent facilities and some unique beaches.

The beach area is interesting in the sense that it actually consists of one long kilometer of fine sand and shallow water. But do mind your step! A sharp drop off ensues. The wonderful sand, the shallow water, the warm weather, these all contribute to creating a truly relaxing experience. And once again, the lodgings conditions are outstanding, so if you want to stay at a hotel here, it’s always an excellent choice.

For hikers and outdoors people, the National Park of Nabq is an unforgettable excursion. It seems to emerge straight in the middle of the desert. Ever since 1992, it’s been a protected spot. Certainly worth a visit.

So what do we do in Nabq Bay? For one, we can visit the breathtaking, Biblical Sinai Golf Heights. Also, the wind on the beach makes the spot excellent for parasailing and paragliding. And of course, as is the case with the entire Red Sea coast, it is an outstanding diving destination.

And when it’s time to go back home, you can always book your own taxi Sharm el Sheikh Airport Nabq Bay online.