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Praia d’el Rey, golf and local tourist attractions

Praia d’el Rey, golf and local tourist attractions

Portugal has come to be one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially due to its wide littoral area by the Atlantic Ocean and the wide variety of outdoors sports you can practice here. So following this train of thought, today we talk about Praia d’el Rey, golf and local tourist attractions.

In Oeste, south of Obidos and some 100 km away from Lisbon lies the residential beach resort of Praia D’el Rey. The region began to expand in the late 1990s, when the first properties began to emerge here. Several villas and the Marriott Hotel consecrated the area as a leading tourist and commercial hub.

American architect Cabell B. Robinson projected the first golf course somewhere in 1997. From there on, golfers from Portugal and outside it started coming here. The setting of the course is also very appealing, right next to the whitewashed sandy beach, and the quality of the field and the grass is outstanding.

But aside from sunbathing and playing golf, Praia d’el Rey provides ample travel options: there are many local tourist attractions to consider around the compound. Here are a few:

Obidos is a medieval town with a very special air. The region was inhabited by the ancient Celts, conquered by the Romans (from whom we have the name – Obidos, coming from “oppidum”, which means “citadel). Then around the 8th century, the Moors came and reigned over the town until the Portuguese Reconquista.

Today, Obidos hosts the annual campy Medieval Market in July, attracting “knights” and “damsels” from all around the world.

Need ideas for a beach outing? Our suggestion is a ride to Baleal and Peniche, where the best sand awaits.

Transport inside town and around the region is best provided by transfers from Lisbon Airport to Praia del Rey.