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Dahab, an Egyptian wonder

Dahab, an Egyptian wonder

It used to be a Bedouin small fishing village, right in the desert. Now, it’s a top tourist destination for divers and backpackers. You’ve guessed it: today we talk about Dahab, an Egyptian wonder.

Dahab gives you the opportunity to explore the Sinai region and dive, because it is regarded as one of the greatest diving destinations. More than 50 dive spots are available in the city. It was disputed between Israel and Egypt and was restored to the latter state in 1982. It is also mentioned in the Bible as one of the stops in the Exodus.

You wouldn’t define yourself as a great swimmer or diver? Well, surely these are the highlights of the region and the activities of choice. But that’s not to say you can’t do other things in this resort by the Red Sea. Here are a few of the others:

Take a walk around the Dahab town center. Here, you can take a meal or at least enjoy a beer or a cup of juice at one of the restaurants and taverns that line the promenade, shop for souvenirs or visit a supermarket to get supplies for your trip.

The White Canyon is another top attraction Dahab has to offer. It’s a little shorter than the Color Canyon, the other majestic natural monument found in town. The canyon was shaped by winds and rain over thousands of years. The canyon’s lime walls shine white in the desert sun. It’s a really hard to access spot, but once there, you’ll know it’s worth the effort.

And if you really wanna see nature “gone rogue”, a visit to Ras Abu Galum Nature Reserve is in store. Land and sea entwine in a totally spectacular and unique ecosystem that combines several tropical climates. Sightseeing, practicing water sports, admiring the local fauna and flora or just lying on the beach are all options.

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