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Sharks Bay, the best spot in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharks Bay, the best spot in Sharm El Sheikh

Don’t fear the sharks in this part of the world! You’re going to love Sharks Bay, the best spot in Sharm El Sheikh.

Sharks Bay is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Egypt. It is a camp area that provides the best restaurants and hotels in town, as well as outstanding diving facilities. Snorkeling here is an experience unparalleled by any others. The coral reefs here and the fish will “explode” in color in the depths of the Red Sea. there are also sharks around, but you should not fear them: scuba diving organisers will know to avert you from the dangerous regions.

Among the attractions in town, let’s not forget a sighting of the SS Thistlegorm sunken remains. And since we are all about the fun in the water, the Funland Theme Park is an experience to be enjoyed by the entire family, as well as an educative trip to Mount Sinai nearby, the place where God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses.

If you want to shop in the region, don’t miss the malls and endless line of boutiques in Naama Bay and Sharm El Sheikh. If you stop by the bazaar, barter! You can get excellent deals for the jewelry, clothes and handicrafts that are on sale.

Umbi Seafood is just one of the places where you can enjoy excellent local seafood dishes.

The beaches are also excellent for both adults and kids and the sand is finer than silk. (Not to mention, of course, that the weather is ever warm and sunny).

One more advantage of Sharks Bay that’s worth exploring is its accessibility. It’s close to town and to the airport of Sharm El Sheikh, so you can always go online and book your taxi Sharm El Sheikh airport Sharks Bay and enjoy a great ride!