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What do we eat in Egypt?

What do we eat in Egypt?

Let’s say we’ve already made up our minds and we are ready to embark on our trip to see the pyramids and the desert. But we have one more question to answer: What do we eat in Egypt? Here are a few of the most emblematic examples of Egyptian cuisine.

The Greeks have Gyros and Souvlaki, the Turks will attract you with a slice of Baklava and you’ll fall for Italians always for their gelato (ice cream) and their pizza. But what of these amazing desert men, the descendants of pharaohs? What do they eat and what can they entice us with as visitors? Here are a few of their traditional dishes:

Kabab wa Kofta really means “grilled meat” and consists of meat cubes from veal or from lamb served with bread, dips and green salad. This is a dish that has gained popularity throughout the world, although it’s really not that original.

Konafah is a sweet made from very thin, fine pastry that looks more like noodles than anything else. It seems to have originated in medieval Arabia, but the Egyptian variety claims to be the most tasty of them all. The sweet noodles are mixed with oil and butter and then merged with a filling consisting of sweet nuts and/ or whipped cream. The whole mix is baked and usually served with fruit syrup.

If you are in for seafood and white fish meat, Sayadeya will be your thing. You’ll love the bluefish or mullet prepared with rice and tomato sauce, all baked with a lot of flavour. The best experience is gazing upon the wide Red Sea with the scent of this amazing dish on a plate in front of you. With Hurghada Airport transfers, that can actually become reality! All you need to do is plan for a culinary trip to Egypt.