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A pilgrimage to Mount Sinai

A pilgrimage to Mount Sinai

It is located in Egypt, a mostly Muslim country. Yet, it one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in the Judeo-Christian world. A pilgrimage to Mount Sinai is a pivotal trip and a step back in history. Regardless of religion, though, one cannot help but marvel at the outstanding cultural legacy and power of such an old, historical place as Mount Sinai.

The peak measures over 2200 meters in height and dominates the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The religiousness of the encounter with the mountain is rendered not only by the realization that the legendary Moses was given the 10 commandments here, but also by the dramatic alternation of deep valleys and cutting peaks, all carved in the red body of the granite mountain.

At the top of the mountain, there is a small chapel, called the Holy Trinity. It was built in 1934 on the site of a 16th-century Christian church. What makes the church unique is the fact that it is said to contain the rock from which the Tablets of the Law were carved.

But we’ve moved too fast to the top. Before reaching the summit and entering the Orthodox church, there is a gateway plateau that includes an old cave. This place is believed to have been inhabited by Elijah while he awaited for God to come for him.

And let’s not forget a fundamental aspect: how do we get there? Short answer: by climbing 3750 “steps of repentance”, said to have been carved into the mountain’s stone by a monk. The road is long and hard. But if you get there in time to see the sun rise over the horizon, that is the sight you won’t forget in a lifetime.

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