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You might not have known this about Luxembourg

You might not have known this about Luxembourg

Where do we travel to next this season? The month of gifts is slowly approaching and we still have time to pick a destination for shopping or simply for enjoying the winter season. You might not have known this about Luxembourg, but although it is a famously rich Western country, it’s also a tax haven and so an excellent place to keep or spend money.

Shopping in Luxembourg provides an ample variety of brand products which you can purchase for (more or less) good deals. And you might not want to come virtually empty-pockets on a shopping spree in town, what could never be put to doubt is the quality of the products you can get here.

But apart from shopping, the city (state) of Luxembourg is worth visiting for a number of interesting reasons.

First, because it is – to put it simply – the richest country in the world. Actually, the country with the highest GDP per capita of all, 3 times that of an average country in the EU. With a minimum wage just a tad under 2000 EUR per month, employees here are the best-paid in the world – apart from Australians.

Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy left in the world. The present ruler is called Henri.

Though being rather stern professionals in their general everyday lives, the locals do love to have a bit of fun now and then. Their favorite festivals are the Dancing Procession of Echternach and, of course, Christmas, when the city is all lit and decorated and stores are filled with customers. You can also get a Luxembourg airport transfer and enjoy the city and its shopping options this season.

“We want to remain what we are” is the motto of Luxembourg. And bearing in mind all we’ve learned today, we can’t blame them for their slight vanity.