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Luxembourg in fun facts you probably didn’t know

Luxembourg in fun facts you probably didn’t know

This country may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the richest and strongest in Europe and the entire world. However, financial and political success are not the only things that are accountable for the popularity of Luxembourg. Let’s find out more about Luxembourg in fun facts you probably didn’t know.

Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the world today. The current Grand Duke is called Henri and his official birthday – as that of his ancestors – is celebrated on June 23rd, although the first Grand Duke of Luxembourg to be born on this date is still expected: none have been born on this day so far.

One thing this rich little country is renowned for is its safety… because according to one rather macabre recent UN survey, you have the least chance of getting shot dead here than anywhere else… on earth. Also, Luxembourg has some 1300 police officers and two jails.

The media is a great thing in Luxembourg, because its largest TV station (the RTL Group of Luxembourg) and radio station (Radio Luxembourg) are famous on a European level. The group controls 34 TV stations and 33 radio stations in several countries (12, to be specific), including Channel 5 in the UK and M6 in France.

There seems to be an indirect proportionality between population and GDP per capita, since Luxembourg has the highest GDP and is the least populated country on the continent. Oh, and also lots of alcohol is sold here – the highest sales levels, actually.

And to show how they understand the importance of acknowledging inter-culturality, people in Luxembourg use French as business language while speaking Luxembourgish at home and learn German as first foreign language in school.

Shopping is a big thing here as well, so you can prepare a trip for this purpose. If you are in town, you can always call on Luxembourg airport transfers to transport you safely and swiftly to your destination.