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Top 10 cities to explore in Germany – Part 3

Top 10 cities to explore in Germany – Part 3

We simply can’t seem to get enough of Germany this week, so we are back with Part 3 (and last) of our Top 10 cities to explore in Germany. Our last choices for this time include the following towns: 7. Cologne (locally known as “Koln”) is the oldest town in Germany. Set in the beautiful surroundings of the North Rhine-Westphalia region, it was founded in the 1st century BC by the Germanic tribe of the Ubii. The Romans occupied it in the 1st century AD and in the middle ages, located at the crossroads of major trading routes, the city was part of the Frankish Empire and then gained its independence in 1288, after the Battle of Worringen. Today, Cologne is such an important tourist attraction thanks to its 13th-century Gothic Cathedral, one of the greatest Christian buildings in the world and an architectural masterpiece. It was only completed in 1880 and it was then the tallest construction in the world. 8. Known as “the Florence on the Elbe”, Saxony town Dresden is a sedate and lovely town, displaying some of the best examples of baroque architecture in the world. Though partly destroyed in the Second World War, the architecture in Dresden’s old town center was restored to its former glory.

9.  Leipzig couldn’t miss from our list, could it? Home to some of the greatest German artists of all time, Leipzig is linked to Goethe (who studied here) and musician Bach (who was a cantor here). It is also a symbol of peace, the Leipzig demonstrations led to a peaceful revolution and subsequently to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

10. Stuttgart is the 7th city in Germany by size and the biggest and the capital city of the Baden-Wurttemberg land. A visit to the Mercedes-Benz museum is a must! Also, Luxembourg is only 3 hours’ drive away, so it’s worth a visit. In the city state, you can employ some Luxembourg airport transfers to take you on tour.