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Luxembourg, an out of the box destination

Luxembourg, an out of the box destination

A little country in this great Europe, a city-state that deserves our attention today is Luxembourg, an out of the box destination. Let’s check it out!

The first time I went there, I only stayed for a few hours, so I planned to explore more of the city-state next time. It was summer, August actually, and everything was green. The city center seems to emerge proud and tall from the deep forest below. The locals have a calm and magnanimous lifestyle, spending lunch-time outdoors, then taking a coffee with friends after work.

Luxembourg is a perfect weekend destination, an ideal city break. Maybe spending more than a couple of days in town would be a bit excessive, but one or two days spent here, in the fresh air, enjoying the sense of wellbeing and wealth that defines the atmosphere, is just perfect.

Here are a few things that will actually prove, as promised, that Luxembourg is an out of the box destination:

People come to visit a city usually seek to see a building or attraction. But when you go to Luxembourg, you have to see the Grund; which is actually a small neighborhood set deep in a gorge. Here, you’ll sample the most impressive architecture, with stone houses constructed straight into the rocks and gardens surrounding an ancient stone fortification. Plus there is a vast park where you will want to take a stroll.

You can find the best restaurants all in one place in this city at the Ilot Gastronomique housed in the beautiful classic house called “the Turret”. This mall features some six of the best restaurants under the motto “We want to stay what we are”.

Should we spoil the surprise any farther? We think not! Come visit the town and employ Luxembourg airport transfers for transportation!