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A short trip to Luxembourg

A short trip to Luxembourg

Granted, it is one of the smallest countries in the world, but that does by no means make it uninteresting! I was thinking today we might take a short trip to Luxembourg to find the coolest, most interesting facts about this enchanted realm!

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (or just Luxembourg in short) is basically a “city-country”, measuring only some 2.5 sq km and a population of 550.000 (the least inhabited country in the EU). But small as it may be, it is surrounded by the best, richest neighbours: Germany, Belgium and France. Luxembourg is a haven and a heaven, economically speaking at least, boasting with the largest GDP per capita in Europe (115.000 USD in 2011).

You might think Luxembourg, like Belgium, was born solely as an aftermath of the European Concert, but in fact the history of the Duchy dates back a millennium. In the 14th and 15th century, the Dukes of Luxembourg were kings of Bohemia as well and 3 members of the House of Luxembourg were Holy Roman Emperors around the same period.

Here are some more interesting facts about Luxembourg. They really love music, having won the Eurovision Song Contest 5 times.

Skype, the free Internet calls and instant messaging system has its headquarters in Luxembourg. As do Amazon, Paypal and Rakuten.

For such a small country, the linguistic diversity is great: Luxembourg has 3 official languages: German, French and Luxembourgish (also a kind of French).

And let’s rewind to the “how rich this country is” part: Luxembourg is a tax haven, with over 150 banks. It also has the highest minimum wage: over 1800 Euro.

With its retro air, diverse architecture and enchanted surrounding forest, this is a beautiful place that deserves to make the top of your list. If you land there, you will find use in employing Luxembourg airport transfers.