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3 Must-see museums in Luxembourg

3 Must-see museums in Luxembourg

Perhaps you should believe it when you hear that size is never important – at least when judging countries such as Luxembourg by their size. You’d be ever surprised at the wealth and relevance of a city-sized country that is placed in the right intersection. Today we see a tiny country through the lenses of culture with a tour of 3 Must-see museums in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg city offers a plethora of amazing museums and art galleries to explore distributed in a route that looks like a smile on an imaginary map – therein the nickname “Museum Smile”. In a sense, being surprised that such a rich place offers such fine art and culture is a bit childish. With no farther ado, here are the stars of the article:

1. The Luxembourg City Museum of History is located at the very heart of the old city center, this is a place where you’ll learn the distinction between the history of the state of Luxembourg – a rather recent one – and the history of the place, which dates back millennia. Though the possibilities of modern media, you will enjoy a display of over 1000 artifacts and learn everything about the place.

2. Between debunking, self-mockery and pop culture, modern art is a mystery that can easily be unraveled at the outstanding Mudam: Luxembourg-Musee d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean. It was opened in 2006 and contains works by the most relevant modern and contemporary artists. Apart from the museum pieces, there are temporary exhibitions hosted here and the place is a rendezvous for those willing to share their insight into the life of art.

3. And since Luxembourg owes a lot to the EU, it also opened the European Schengen Museum, which is a permanent showroom with information about the Schengen Agreement and the activity of the European Union.

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