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Discover Sicily: Best tourist attractions in Naples

Discover Sicily: Best tourist attractions in Naples

Are you afraid of urban myths about the Mafia or has the “Godfather” series always attracted and fascinated you? Don’t worry, either way you will be pleasantly surprised with by one of the most beautiful and iconic Southern Italian cities. So here comes the surprise: let’s discover Sicily: Best tourist attractions in Naples!

Naples may not be a regional capital city, but it most certainly is a great center and hub, in the midst of the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Did you know that Naples is one of the greatest urban areas in the world? It is the 9th most populous city in Europe, with over 3 million people calling the city and its outskirts “home”.

The Naples Harbor is a fascinating and eclectic spot, one where hundreds of boats are docked, patiently waiting to take you on tour of the Amalfi Coast or to one of the beautiful islands in the deep sea: Capri, Ischia or the dramatic and beautiful Pompei.

Naples is beautiful, fascinating, contradictory – with shabby streets and majestic avenues, amazing castles and museums and narrow rustic cobblestone streets, it just embraces a full world of wonder between its welcoming, huge arms. It shows a unique and personal face of Italy, one that is beautiful and light and unforgettable. You simply cannot miss it.

And in case you needed some tourist suggestions, here are a few tourist spots you simply must take into consideration visiting because they make up the heart of town.

So go ahead, go online to Naples car hire, rent your car and go on tour of the town to see the National Archeological Museum (which houses some of the greatest art displays in the region), the Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum (the key castle to see in town) and then take a moment’s respite in the sober Naples Cathedral

They are all here for you to enjoy!



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