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The Hidden Italy: Top Virtually Unknown Attractions – Part 2

The Hidden Italy: Top Virtually Unknown Attractions – Part 2

Do you remember? Last time we’d started talking about The Hidden Italy: Top Virtually Unknown Attractions. Today we are going to explore some more places you probably either never knew existed in Italy or you never thought would make such awesome tourist attractions.

If you have the possibility to treat yourself to a rather luxurious vacation, you can afford privacy as well. Sometimes, getting away from the madding world is all you need and the beautiful Castello di Petroia, a medieval citadel turned classy hotel and resort, awaits you arms wide open.

What would you say if I told you somewhere in Italy there is an idyllic valley of mills? What can you do there? Witness life become savage and wonderful without humans. Valle dei Mulini is a green, wonderful crevasse filled with abandoned buildings covered in moss and vegetation. Four water mills used to stand proud here in the 13th century. The industrialization of the region in the 19th and 20th centuries made people shift to nearby richer towns and the mills were eventually abandoned in the 1940s. Today, the desolated aspect of the brick buildings is perfectly compensated by the savage beauty of the vegetation.

Lombardia is a very attractive region in Northern Italy and you have certainly heard of its gems: Milan, Lake Como and the wild beautiful countryside that surrounds the great cities. But there is a small place that just might have remained hidden from view for a while: Isola di Loreto. A large castle was built on this small, secluded island about a century ago. Lush immense gardens surround the castle, making it look even more grand and royal.

And nearby, you can lodge in a great city, one that is home to art, fashion and finance: Milan. With Milan car hire, you can also benefit from a good rental car for your wonderful stay.



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