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Best Christmas Destinations: Rome

Best Christmas Destinations: Rome

The winter season with its whisper of bells and scent of mistletoe, is slowly but steadily approaching, so it’s never to early to plan your holidays; therefore, here are some of the Best Christmas Destinations: Rome is our subject today.

Rome, the glorified and seductively day-to-day capital city and heart of Italy, is a wonderful place to spend a special time. Catholics, Italians love the winter celebrations and you can even get to see the grand Vatican dressed in its festive attire for Christmas, the most important religious festivity in Christianity.

But never picture Rome as a somber place: after all, it used to be the heart of the Roman Empire. Today, a lot of the glorified legacy is still visible in Rome and you can go through all the ancient ruins in the city in a pleasurable walk. The Colosseum is probably the most famous attraction and symbol in the city. In its early days, it used to host gladiator fights and all sorts of displays of ferocious animals, as well as plays like comedies and tragedies, all to entertain the Roman public.

Must see number two destination: the National Roman Museum, the beautiful place where you can learn all there is to know about the city, its legacy and history. You will also see some of the most beautiful relics of Ancient Rome and find out more about what makes Rome the Eternal City. it is good to remember that the museum is not hosted in just one place, but instead it has sites scattered all over the city.

One attraction you must never forget to visit is the Tivoli Fountain, the beautiful 18th century fountain commissioned by the Pope Clement XII. they say you need to throw a coin into the fast waters of the fountain and make a wish which will definitely come true. Needless to say, most people wish to return to Rome.

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