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A romantic trip to Cyprus

A romantic trip to Cyprus

So what if it’s winter? As I was staring into the unblinking white screen of my PC earlier today, with a warm cup of chocolate and milk in my hands, I suddenly remembered: Valentine’s Day is coming! A romantic trip to Cyprus just might be the perfect idea for us.

So I thought I would share my list of suggestions with you. There are temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius in Cyprus in February, while at home it’s still cold and winter, so this is “the why”, in case you were wondering.

The second reason is because Cyprus is simply romantic, at least for us. We like old history and sunny places and this Hellenistic country has it all.

We thought we’d lodge in Paphos. It is one of the greatest tourist resorts, very accessible, we got a three star hotel for a great price and Paphos airport transfers which I’ve already booked online.

Near Paphos, we want to test our love at the Ayios Giorgios, a picturesque fishing town that features a romantic attraction: a tiny and rather unimpressive 18th century chapel that has a lovely story woven around it. Legend has it, if you light a wax candle at the altar and ask “Does my lover truly love me?”, you will be answered accurately. You need to point the candle down and say the name of your loved one thrice. If the candle stays lit, it’s true love. But can I tell you a secret? Even if the light dies, we would only blame the laws of physics and the wind. We’re only doing this for fun. Love is beyond superstition.

We might take a Cyprus rental car and also drive to Petra tou Romiou to take a few pictures by the amazing rocks that are said to mark the birth of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, Cupid’s Mum.